White magic - E-Pub

This book is a treasure trove of white magic, a portal to transformation for those ready to change their lives.

Here lies the wisdom to turn adversity into advantage, misfortune into blessings, sorrow into joy, and darkness into light. Each page invites you into a world where magic is not a fleeting dream but a living, breathing reality.

It is a guide to crafting a magical life, where you don't just follow magic—you embody it. Learn to live magically, achieving a harmonious balance filled with love and light in every moment.

With exercises, rituals, and wisdom that are both ancient and timeless, this book will teach you to hear life's magical whispers. Step beyond the ordinary into a world where anything is possible, guided by your inner power and intuition through life's dance in an eternal flow of miracles. Are you ready to dissolve the boundaries between the possible and the impossible?

Let this book be your companion on a journey to a life where each new day is a chance to live more magically than the day before.

You will learn about:


Herb magic


Full moon magic

Druid knowledge

Time magic and rituals

Creating a power place

Making magical tools

Leonardo's secrets

Crystal magic and much more

The e-book is 311 pages of wisdom to help you find your magical path.

white magic da vinci cover